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About Us

About Us

We want to help you go through your divorce as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, so that you can put your mind at ease and resume your life. Without draining your wallet.

Over 20 Years Experience

Hi. My name is Charles Collins. I am a Paralegal and I will prepare all of the New York State uncontested divorce forms with you either in person for $389.00 or over the phone and I mail all documents to you by priority mail confirmation for $365.00. I do all the paperwork while you are here. You do not have to fill out the New York State uncontested divorce forms yourself as required by other web sites.

I can also help you navigate child support and child custody issues too.

I prepare all the forms the other person needs to be served with up front, so you only have to go to them once with the paperwork. Only one signature is required for the divorce, but I prepare forms for the other party to sign which makes the process go faster.

Make Divorce Easy: Troy, New York

Uncontested Divorces & Affordable Separation Agreements

Pricing – $389 for Uncontested Divorces

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The above fee also includes:

  • Poor Person application. If approved, waives the $340 filing fees with the County Clerk’s office.

  • Unlimited client support by phone

  • DRL §255 Health forms which are suppose to be sent out by the court. This saves 30 to 60 days waiting for the divorce.

  • I also prepare the Record Checking Act form which the court is also suppose to send out.

  • Hassle-free revisions

Separation Agreements are available.

$350.00 without children and $495.00 with children.

We do the agreement together so you can understand it and personalize it to your needs.

You do not need a separation agreement to get a divorce.

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For more information call:

Charles Collins – Paralegal
108 Brunswick Road
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